Our story

At 3 Phase Electrical Services, we take pride in our journey, resilience, and the unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional electrical solutions. Founded by Russell Gay, a former truck driver who redirected his life and career path entering the electrical trade, our company is built on the values of determination, professionalism, and a passion for providing top-notch electrical solutions.

Having experienced the challenges of coming from a background of struggle and financial hardship, we understand the importance of second chances and the power of perseverance. Our founder’s journey from a troubled past to becoming a skilled electrician drives our dedication to making a positive impact on individuals and communities.

We believe that everyone deserves access to a brighter future thus our mission extends beyond providing superior electrical services. We strive to be a guiding light for individuals who may not see the opportunities that lie within the trades. We aim to empower and uplift those seeking a path to success, by sharing our knowledge, offering support, and mentoring individuals from lower-income and marginalized communities.

Our passion

In addition to new construction projects, 3 Phase Electrical Services also provides a wide range of services for existing buildings. We offer routine maintenance and repairs, as well as upgrades to existing electrical systems. This can include upgrading to more energy-efficient lighting and installing new electrical panels and circuits. We also provide emergency services, so customers can rest assured that they will be taken care of in case of any electrical emergencies.

One of the things that sets 3 Phase Electrical Services apart from its competitors is the level of attention and care we give to our customers. We understand the importance of keeping businesses running smoothly, and we work hard to minimize disruptions and downtime. We also provide detailed documentation and reporting, so customers can stay informed about the work that has been done and any issues that have been addressed.

Over the years, 3 Phase Electrical Services has worked on a wide range of projects, from small houses to commercial buildings. We have a reputation for completing projects on time and within budget, and they have received numerous positive reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers.

Our legacy

We believe that our true measure of success lies not only in the services we provide but also in the positive impact we have on our clients, associates, and the industry as a whole.

Our founder Russell Gay’s journey exemplifies the spirit of resilience and determination. Through hard work, continual learning, and the pursuit of excellence, Russell has paved the way for a new narrative—one that defies expectations and opens doors for those who may have previously felt limited in their opportunities.

Our legacy goes beyond business achievements. We strive to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for individuals who may not see the opportunities that lie within the trades. By championing the electrical field as a viable career path, we aim to break down barriers and showcase the limitless potential that lies within each individual.

By working together, we aim to foster a new generation of skilled professionals who can overcome their circumstances and achieve their own success stories.

Our goal is to change the world and create electrical solutions for the future.




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