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Customer satisfaction is always our biggest goal and our job isn’t finished until you’re happy with our work!

Jeff Sloan
Jeff Sloan
Russell did an excellent job with troubleshooting landscape lighting and installing a new dining room light fixture at an old house with subpar wiring. Great communication and work. I will be using this company again soon.
Leslie O'Neal
Leslie O'Neal
Russell was very thorough and communicative during our appointment. Not to mention he went above and beyond to make sure everything was done right. Will absolutely go to him again in the future - highly recommend!
erika ritchie
erika ritchie
Very friendly and efficient. Good work and good service. Would definitely recommend
Alend Rozh
Alend Rozh
Russel came out and troubleshooted an issue with my homes electrical. He was very thorough, and knowledgeable and was able to make all the repairs needed. Very professional and respectful service. Highly recommend.
Katherine Venyard
Katherine Venyard
Russell did a great job getting my older home generator going. It seemed a simple fix - a tune up, but the other electrician who's serviced it multiple times didn't do a routine tune up. Now she runs strong when the weekly cycle starts, and she can hold the full load. 3 Phase has done other jobs too, but the generator was the one thing stressing me.out. I highly recommend 3 Phase.
Dewonna Conn
Dewonna Conn
Russell was on time and communication was great. He addressed our issue and got right to work. He was so polite and very respectful of our home. He exceeded our expectations by going above and beyond our idea of the solution. He suggested a different outcome and we agreed and are extremely pleased with the service he provided. His number is definitely staying in my contacts. Thank you again Russell.
RJ Rossman
RJ Rossman
Russell was super helpful with assisting with a commercial electrical project beginning from the design to completion. Very professional and dependable when needed.
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown
Perfect electricians. High quality work, on time, cleaned up after themselves. Thanks guys! Highly recommend!
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Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces with Safety, Security, and Ambiance

Your outdoor spaces are an extension of your home, and with expertly designed outdoor lighting, you can transform them into inviting, safe, and beautiful areas.

At 3Phase Electric, we are your trusted residential outdoor lighting electrician. We specialize in outdoor lighting solutions that enhance the aesthetics of your property while providing practical benefits such as increased safety and security. Let us illuminate your outdoors with creativity and precision.

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When electrical issues hit, you can count on 3Phase Electric as your trusted residential outdoor lighting electrician

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Tailored Designs

Our outdoor lighting solutions are tailored to suit the unique features of your property. 3Phase Electric works closely with you to understand your vision and create a lighting design that complements your landscaping and architectural elements.

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Safety and Security

Well-designed outdoor lighting enhances safety by illuminating pathways, stairs, and potential hazards. It also acts as a deterrent to intruders, providing an added layer of security for your home or business.

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Energy-Efficient Options

3Phase Electric offers energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions, including LED fixtures and smart lighting controls, to reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

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Professional Installation

Our team of skilled electricians at 3Phase Electric ensures that your outdoor lighting is installed safely and efficiently, meeting all local codes and regulations.

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Pathway and Walkway Lighting

Guide your way with strategically placed pathway and walkway lighting, enhancing safety and adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor areas.

Landscape Accent Lighting

Showcase the beauty of your landscaping with carefully positioned accent lights that highlight trees, plants, and architectural features.

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Deck and Patio Lighting

Extend the usability of your outdoor living spaces into the evening with deck and patio lighting designed for both aesthetics and functionality.

Security Lighting

Illuminate key areas around your property to enhance security. Motion-activated lights and strategically placed fixtures can deter intruders and provide peace of mind.

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Our goal is to change the world and create electrical solutions for the future.




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